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~I'm Pepper of The Saltie Rat~

Welcome to my site! This site hosts a few things: Commissions, TOS, Art Examples, and a shop! I'm a small furry artist (focusing in digital and traditional character work) looking to have fun with art and make others happy! (Sappy, sorry.) I started posting my work on the internet back in 2016! I've been drawing since basically forever, though. I've come quite far and have met some of the best people along the way! Thank you to all my supports and friends.

Please continue to search around! I hope you enjoy what you see! <3

Insta Recents
Shoutout to some of my biggest supporters~

My Family (of course), Alex, Woof, Thesus, Frosty, Freddie, Jay, Racari, Jason, Parker, Splash, Bunny, Scottie, Kate, Beck, Creature, Niro

And of course, so many others~​

Nope :)
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