~Accepted Payments~

~PayPal (US)

Prices are currently all quote based! I'm working on making my official prices!
Please Email Me or contact me on any of my socials to commission me!


Must be read before commissioning me

~Will Do~

~Feral animals

~Anthro characters 

~Human/Humanoid characters 

~Fantasy creatures 


~Gore art

~Ship art


~Closed Species


~Original Fan Ocs

~Won't Do~

~NSFW or any sort of sexual content

~Canon characters (anime, book, tv show, video game etc)

~Canon x Oc ships

~Stolen characters 

~Ship art featuring gross content such as pedophilia, fetishes or paraphilias, abuse, sexualization of a minor, abuse, fetishization of LGBT+, etc. 


~Country/Social Media Humans

~Art meant to target another user, politics, a specific group, to harass or bully

~Glorifying mental illness